About Tech Louisville

Tech Louisville is a new comprehensive training program that will prepare you to be an IT Support professional.

The training is offered at no cost to participants and consists of classroom meet-ups, online learning, and mentorship with an experienced IT professional. Graduates earn a Google IT Support Professional Certificate and are connected with local employers who need qualified tech workers.

Hear from someone who earned their Google IT Support Professional Certificate in the video below.

As a participant in Tech Louisville, you’ll begin learning the fundamentals of IT support, including troubleshooting and customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration, and security.

This curriculum will prepare you for jobs like:

  • Technical Support

  • Desktop Support Technician

  • Network Support Technician

  • Systems Administrator

  • Network Operations Technician

Most importantly, Tech Louisville help you build a foundation for a lasting career that pays well.

Ready for a good career in tech?

Tech Louisville can help.